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Driving Growth and Retention through Client Engagement


Driving Growth and Retention through Strategic Client Engagement 

We specialise in helping insurance, financial services, and superannuation organisations build client management strategies and capabilities.

Leveraging 20 years of industry experience, our Client Success Framework has been proven to deliver results.


Drive B2B Growth


Improve Retention and Advocacy


Streamline Service Delivery


Build Team Capability

We Help Organisations Overcome the Following Client Engagement Challenges to Drive Success

Low Client Retention Rates

Weak Client Advocacy

Limited Resources

Transactional Relationships

Inefficient Client Management Systems

Lack of Long-term Contract Renewals

Limited Understanding of Client Needs

Defensive Tender Situations

Poor Client Satisfaction

High Client Acquisition Costs

Inconsistent Service Delivery

Underutilisation of Existing Client Basem Contract Renewals

Inefficient Client Management Systems

Struggling to Demonstrate Value to Existing Clients

We Help Organisations Overcome the Following Client Engagement Challenges to Drive Success

The Client Success Framework

The Client Success Framework
Venessa is the Principal Consultant  and Director of Client Growth Strategy.

Venessa is the Principal Consultant  and Director of Client Growth Strategy.

Some of the organisations she has worked with include.

Our solutions

Drive Strategic Growth

Build your Foundations

Build your Foundations

Develop your Team's Skills

Develop your Team's Skills

client management strategies

Working with Venessa to drive growth across the Pacific was a delight... Few people can create the impact that Venessa did during our collaboration. Balancing detailed technical capability with the skills needed to navigate complex multinational relationships, Venessa is an instant value creator

Director of Business Development, Mercer Marsh Benefits
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If you're like many business leaders today, you're trying to improve business results while facing constant market changes. The need to do more with less has never been more pressing. At Client Growth Strategy, we've developed a practical framework for B2B business growth that drives results now and in the future. 

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